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Deleting All Other Traffic BT



Could someone please advise how to get 'All Other Traffic' deleted or remove the entry completey from Business Transactions list?


If i try to right click and delete, it says ...cannot be deleted (see attached).


My expectation is to delete 'All Other Traffic' BT so that all BTs that occur again get registered as first class BTs. I tried deleting with 'Enable Business Transaction lock down', checked and unchecked, but i couldnt remove the entry completely




AppDynamics Team

Hi  Sundarapandian.Ponniah,


There is no direct option to delete  "all other traffic- <tier>" BT. There is an indirect way to avoid flow of trafficinto " "all other traffic-<tier>". Please refer to details listed here for more information

Before i mention about increasing limit, i will provide you with product functionality, so that you can decide what is best for you.

I assume this is on premise controller and providing recommendations regarding controller limits as well.

There is a default limit of 50 BT's that a node/agent can register and there is a 200 BT limit that a controller can accept.

So agent can register only 50+1 BT on a first come first serve basis. Any other BT' that is getting detected after 51st BT gets dropped. Same on the controller side as well. So all the dropped or overflown calls are captured as part of another predefined BT named "All Other Traffic-<Tier-Name>" .

All overflown calls will go into that predefined BT. The same thing has happened on your setup. New BT with name has been created with name "All Other Traffic-<Tier-Name>" and overflown calls are moved into that BT.

To avoid such issues please follow the below suggestions.

Generally increasing in BT limit can have memory impact so would be great to try this in test env first .

Increasing the BT limit is highly discouraged as it creates the additional overhead on both controller and agent.

As a first priority
we suggest you to exclude/delete the unwanted BT's so as to make the new BT's to register. Please find the relevant screenshot to exclude /delete the BT.

Try resetting app server agent/node from where you are expecting custom BT is coming from so as to reset the Business Transaction limit counter to zero for that agent and see if that helps you.

Excluded BT's will not count towards BT limit.

Second priority
Please find the following options to increase the number of BT's registered from both controller and agent perspective.

Controller Limits

On controller side there is a default limit of 200 (ONLY in case of on premise controller installation)

To increase the limits, please follow the steps

1) Stop controller appserver as below

Navigate to <Controller-install-dir>
For Linux
./ stop-appserver
For Windows
controller.bat stop-appserver
2) Take a back up of domain.xml file before making any changes. You can find domain.xml under

3) Make the settings as below
You can increase the number of BT's on controller by adding below option.But increasing this value is highly discouraged as it creates additional overhead.
<jvm-options>-Dmaximum.bts.per.application=NEW_LIMIT </jvm-options> in <controller-install-dir>\appserver\domains<domain-name>\config\domain.xml file
NEW_LIMIT in the above jvm option is just an example you can give it any value as the default value is 200.
4) Start controller appserver as below

Navigate to <Controller-install-dir>
For Linux
./ start-appserver
For Windows
controller.bat start-appserver

On agent side there is a default limit of 50 per agent

You can increase the number of BT's on agent by increasing this value.But increasingthis value is highly discouraged as it creates additional overhead.

Increase the following agent node level property
max-business-transactions whose default value is 50

The consequences are once the BT limit is hit all the overflown transactions are captured as a part of other BT with name "All Other Traffic – <Tier Name>" BT.

Please refer to below docs link for more clarity

Once you take care of BT limit hit issues and things will be as expected by you.

2) What Deletion of BT does
Once a BT is deleted,it will not count towards BT limit and all data associated with it will be lost and will not count towards BT limit. But again when there is a load onto those BT's they will again get registered on controller.

3) What Exclude does
Once a BT is excluded, it will not count towards BT limit. Even though if there is a load on to those requests in the future, it will not be detected as BT's. A BT' once excluded can be un excluded and brought back on to controller.
Exclude /Delete BT will give a chance for other BT's/same BT's on first cum first basis to get registered provided if there is room with in the defined BT limits.

4) What Reset does
Try resetting app server agent/node from where you are expecting custom BT is coming from so as to reset the Business Transaction limit counter to zero for that agent and see if that helps you.

On the whole we suggest you to customize BT entry rule discovery to avoid running into any limits.




Hi Rajesh,


Thanks for your response.


We understand how to manage the BT overflow traffic. However, in this case we just need to know ho to exclude or completely remove "All Other Traffic" BT that is already there in the BT list.


When  tried to exclude all other traffic BT , it says "cannot exclude BT_OVERFLOW"








AppDynamics Team (Retired)

"All Other Traffic" BT, once created, cannot be removed.


However, existence of this BT does not mean traffic will automatically flow in to this BT as you had alluded to in your original post.

There are only two reasons you will see traffic get caught by the "All Other Traffic" BT; If either or both of following are in place or occurring:

  1. You have Business Transaction Lockdown enabled.
  2. You have BT overflow situation, either at the Controller Application level or Agent/Tier level.

So if neither of the above case is true, you will see traffic get registered against any of your other "first-class" business transactions as you normally would. If there was load in All Other Traffic BT perviously, you will start to see the data fall off as new data no longer gets caught by this BT.


I know that presence of this All Other Traffic bucket BT does not make the BT screen pristine, however, these BTs do not count towards the limit, and the filter checkbox of Transactions with Performance Data will not display this BT (along with any other BTs) if there was no load present for them within the time frame you selected.


Thanks for the response, Lim


We have an App where there is no BT overflow, however we still see the All Other Traffic BT. I have attcahed the screenshot


Any reason?





AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Sundarapandian,


As I tried to explain, you will continue to see the All Other Traffic (AOT) BT displayed in the BT list once it is created, however, as you can see in your screenshot, the load/traffic falling into that BT is zero. You can filter out this as well as any other zero load BTs within the timeframe you are viewing by selecting the box for displaying only BTs with load under filters.


I presume at one point you either had overflow or had enabled Business Transaction Lockdown, at which point, the out-of-the-box AOT BT was created.


Hope that helps.

Hi Lim,


I think i mentioned this earlier, but there was no BT overflow since the App was created. Im trying to understand, why AOT gets created when there is no need? Is this a bug?



AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Did you ever have Business Transaction Lockdown enabled at one point?

No, we did not.

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

All Other Traffic - <TierName> BT should not get created unless you either experience Application or Node/Tier BT overflow, or enable Business Transaction Lockdown. I've never seen or heard of this happending otherwise.

If this is not the case for you, it might be good to create a support ticket if you are able to. You can do so by going to or emailing