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Changes to user creation on build 21.11.1-778




I've noticed that controller verison 21.11.1-778 has introduced a new create users method, previously on older controller versions, it was possible to enter username, email, name and password for a new user, now this has been changed to only name and e-mail. I'm very curious to why this has been implemented? It makes sense that newly created users now receive an e-mail where they can enter their own desired password, but the fact that the e-mail address now functions as their username .. Well that's really a pain.. Is there any way to change this back? I administer a fairly large amount of AppDynamics users where everyone has their initials as current username and I really dislike this new enforced "email as username" idea that has been implemented.. 


Community Manager

Hello, @Marc.Hansen 


I believe this change is related to this Re: Changes to User Creation and Password Policy — FAQ, which is independent of the Controller version.


Could you also share why this is pain? The previous experience required a username, email, password, and display name to be provided. Now the admin only needs to provide the email and the user can provide the rest. 




Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Hi Ryan

Thanks for the answer, it did clear up some things. 

I do agree that it makes good sense to automate the part where the user has to receive an email where they enter name and desired password, I do not like the forced "email as username" since I just recently changed away from that so that user initials are used as usernames instead. It would have been nice with a feature that allowed administrators to pick their own desired ways of managing usernames using the in-built authentication provider. However I do see that the documentation states, that this change does not affect SAML and LDAP setups, so if I get that into place from what I understand I'll then still be able to mange my users with their initials as username