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Audit metrics for agents


I'm getting a lot of "Agent Metric Registration Limit Reached" events in the application dashboard that state that the agents are reaching the max number of metrics that can be registered.


I know there is a parameter that can be passed to the java agent that can increase this metric limit (-Dappdynamics.agent.maxMetrics=<IntegerNumber>), however I want to determine exactly which metrics are getting counted towards this limit per agent (5000 metrics by default).


Recursively using the API, I managed to get the rough estimate of 5020 metric gathered for a particular agent, however I'm not sure if the method I used to calculate this estimate is correct.


Concretely, is there a way to determine exactly per agent which are the metrics that count towards the "Agent Metric Registration Limit"? I really need this number so I can set the java parameter appropriately and also know what kind of metrics (business transactions, errors, etc.) have the most impact on this limit.




AppDynamics Team


If you are using on-prem controller, you can query controller database to see which metrics are registered.
You can access database by "<controller_home>/bin/ login-db"


All the metrics are stored in metric table, so you can see what kind of metrics have the most impact.
select count(*) from metric where application_id = <Application ID> and name like '%Component:<Component ID>%'
->application id and component id can be found in the url of tier dashboard.


For a saas controller, recursively calling the API help you get the number of metrics as you commented.


To solve the issue, could you please read the following link?
Increasing the limits is not recommended because it can cause performance issues.
It is better to organize backend and business transactions to reduce the number of metrics if they count much.


Best Regards,


Hiroki Ito

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