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AppDynamics Deployment in enterprise?

New Poster

I am new to AppDynamics. Trying to know more capabilities of AppDynamics.

What is the latest version of AppDynamics?

On which OS we can install AppDynamics?

What are the components of AppDynamics?

Do we have High Availability/Disaster Recovery mechanisam in AppDynamics?

What are the different floavors of on premise/in-house deployment?




You might want to talk to a sales guy for more in depth information but:

Latest version - They're agent specific so you can see the latest versions of the different agents here: although generally the latest release for most things is version 4.5, the docs for that are here:

OS - Same as the download link above can give you an idea of which OS' the different agents work on, but the Console/Controllers I think typically use Linux or Windows.

Components - Same download link as above can help you get an idea of all the different components, there are a handful of different agents, each with their own unique metrics they report in.

HA/DR - I utilize an On-Premises solution, so we have our own DR procedures, but they offer a SAAS solution which I imagine has the standard stuff.

Flavors - Yep, there is SAAS or On-Prem, you can also go Hybrid if you want to keep some agents On-Prem, while others in the cloud for Synthethic heartbeat/script monitoring.

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