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AppDynamics API Exclude Some Metrics




I am currently using AppDynamics API To Pull metrics data from AppDynamics for Application Infrastructure Performance:


https://x.y.z/controller/rest/applications/My-App/metric-data?metric-path=Application Infrastructure Performance|*|Individual Nodes|*|JVM|*&time-range-type=BEFORE_NOW&duration-in-mins=5&output=JSON


The Data is coming fine but it has some problems like some metrics doesn't contain metric values.

Data Is coming as a large Json of Jsons where the small JSONs represent an event or entry.


Sample Of a Json Event Response That is Correct:

"metricId" : 12345,
"metricName" : "JVM|Process CPU Burnt (ms/min)",
"metricPath" : "Application Infrastructure Performance|xyz|Individual Nodes|abcdf|JVM|Process CPU Burnt (ms/min)",
"frequency" : "ONE_MIN",
"metricValues" : [ {
"startTimeInMillis" : 1635511140000,
"occurrences" : 0,
"current" : 14550,
"min" : 12330,
"max" : 17850,
"useRange" : true,
"count" : 5,
"sum" : 75700,
"value" : 15140,
"standardDeviation" : 0
} ]



Sample Of a Json Event Response That is Bad/Incorrect: (Contains the Word "METRIC DATA NOT FOUND")

"metricId" : 123456,
"metricName" : "METRIC DATA NOT FOUND",
"metricPath" : "Application Infrastructure Performance|xyz|Individual Nodes|abcdf|JVM|Process CPU Burnt (ms/min)",
"frequency" : "ONE_MIN",
"metricValues" : [ ]



Is there is a way to pull all data while removing whatever contains metricName="METRIC DATA NOT FOUND" ? 

So that i don't get extra amount of useless data.



Any Updates Regarding that!.

Hi @Mohammed.Samir,


Thanks for following up on this. Since the community has not jumped in to help, I would recommend contacting AppD Support by going to


Or you can reach out to your AppD Rep, as I see you are a partner. If you end up doing either of those and getting further info, please share what you learned as a reply to this post. 


Knowledge sharing is what drives this community.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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