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Addition and Deletion Report?


I would like to be able to run a weekly report, showing agent addition and deletions.

Is this possible with a standard report?


For example I can see a drop in java agents of 100 on our test controller, so is there anywhere to see these 100 agent names to then check their status elsewhere?



Unfortunantly, AppD's reports are extremely limited. The only way I know to do this is to click on "Dashboards and Reports" and then click "Add report." Name it what you want, and pick the frequency, schedule, and add your email to the Receipients field. For Report Data, under "Report Type" you'll want to select "Controller Audit." By default it grabs everything, so you'll probably want to tell it to exclude things like "POLICY," "LOGIN," "RULE," "CUSTOM_EMAIL_ACTION_PLAN_CONFIG," etc. The ones you'll want to focus on are "OBJECT_CREATED" and "OBJECT_DELETED," and maybe "OBJECT_UPDATED." But it won't give you a lot of information, such as server/node names or anything.


Your best bet is to probably create your own by writing to logs, and if you set Machine availability health rules, you might be able to build yourself a custom dashboard or policy with a 1 week timeframe to know when agents stop responding. However, you'll have to be diligent with adding them as they start to report in. One of the current weaknesses of AppD is that you don't have a large window of time between when an agent stops responding to your controller to when it completely drops off altogether. Machien availability rules help some, but I'm hoping they add a better (and simple) "ping" mechanism in the future. 


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Good question and certainly food for thought.  One of our challenges is adoption of the agent by various product (application) teams.  We have X amount of licenes and I am now carving those out into rules and using different keys so we can better track who and how many.  Having a report would be good for automagically providing that feedback.  Thanks for the ideas.

Thanks for the replies.

Have to say, reporting really isn't a strong point of AppD is it.


We tried to ask support about Dexter and got redirected to the author. How can an enterprise grade platform have a reporting engine written by a guy in his shed?!

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