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Log Analytics


Hi All,


I am looking to implement Log Analytics and had a look through ( but doesnt seem to be fully giving me the information I require.


Does anybody have any other links that would give a more indepth insight into Log Analytics or videos?

I presume people have had a few positive results with this too?

Are you able to analyse any type of log file for example a plain .log file? or is there a restriction of files that you can check?



AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Tony. You can ingest any log file you would like. In the AppD UI you define fields to extract and how you want log data to be organized. These pages should help you out.


One very special thing you can do for Java applications is you can correlate transaction snapshots to log entries.

Thanks Allan,

Log Analytics will allow you to check any type of file or does it only work for specific file types? (if it only works for specific file types is there a list?)

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hey Tony. You can parse any text file.