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BE (Business Event) analysis,

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Suppose a company currently has a legacy logging and monitoring software that parses some BE events (in XML format),  from an application/service, and output the parsed data to a database.


The "analysis" would then be done afterward by executing ad-hoc queries (SQLs) against the database. How would AppDynamics' Business iQ (Analytics) help the company to retire this legacy logging and monitoring software?





You may be able to build a custom extension to use with your .xml file and possibly bring those in as metrics you can pull into a Dashboard. You may even be able to alert and do some BTs off them too depending on the metrics and how good your skills are.  Here's an example of community extensions to peruse and see examples of what you can and can't do. You can also click on the "Build an extension" to read about the basics too:


No promises though.

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Thanks. The logged xml mesasages are actually written to a log queue (MQ). I'll look into "Build an extension".