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AppDynamics Team

DT_811_DT TKO webinar_Social_light_1080x1080_D2_v1.pngDynatrace may claim to outpace Cisco in the observability space — but that’s simply not true and here’s why: 

Application performance monitoring (APM) is the foundation of observability. But no matter how good the builder, tool, or solution — you can’t get AI-driven correlated insights across the entire tech stack to make business-critical decisions from Dynatrace. 

Join our webinar for a deep dive into why only Cisco Full-Stack Observability can deliver an observability roadmap that takes your IT environment from reactive monitoring to predictive observability.  

​​​Cisco FSO vs. Dynatrace: Monitoring is no longer enough to safeguard user experience

You’ll gain insights into: 

  • Key differentiators between Dynatrace Grail and Cisco Full-Stack Observability. (Spoiler alert: MTTR isn’t the only thing FSO can accelerate.)   
  • What to look for in an observability solution to ensure it serves current and future needs. 
  • Why unifying views of siloed telemetry from Dynatrace can’t safeguard business-critical user experiences. 

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