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AppDynamics Team

Cisco Secure Application

Learn about Cisco SecureApp's security features and how they can be easily implemented to improve and strengthen the security posture of your applications with minimal time and effort.

Maximizing the Benefits of Cisco Secure Application
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AMER | Thursday, April 25, 9am PST, 12pm EST

Join Observability Security Specialist Senthil Arunagirinathan, as he demonstrates how Secure Application enables organizations to secure their applications using real-time vulnerability analytics and business risk observability. By adding business context to security findings, Cisco Secure Application helps organizations quickly assess risk, prioritize actions, and remediate security issues based on their potential business impact.

During this session, learn how Cisco Secure App helps you:

• Pinpoint and address vulnerabilities by rapidly mapping threats to business transactions within common application workflows.
• Expose critical vulnerabilities found within applications and gain visibility into security threats by leveraging various telemetry sources.
• Prioritize threat remediation by correlating business risk scoring to business impacts


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