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AppDynamics Team (Retired)


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How does AppDynamics support public sector cloud migration to cloud services?


In the Cisco AppDynamics Blog

In this post, Seth Price discusses how public sector agencies can leverage the real-time performance visibility of APM to gain the operational benefits of a multi-cloud strategy, all while ensuring their users aren’t impacted before, during, and after migrations to cloud services.

Seth gives the overview public sector agencies will need to prepare for an effective and pain-free migration, spelling out how AppDynamics APM can help. 

Like any major strategic initiative, cloud migration requires careful planning and close attention to complex details. Cisco AppDynamics can help remove anxiety and uncertainty from the process by providing the visibility and intelligence you need most. In doing so, you can migrate your mission-critical applications to the environment you choose, with confidence.

The full post is about an 8-minute read.


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