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NET (Agent, Installation)

"no load detected" with .NET agent - controller v4.2

New Poster

"no load detected" with .NET agent - controller v4.2

Hello! I'm having an issue where I struggle to get load to show up when I install a .NET agent. This is on, build 27.


My process is -


1. Install the AppDynamics .NET agent on a server

2. Run the AppDynamics .NET agent configuration on that same server

3. iisreset


When I do this, I see the Applications show up in AppDynamics controller. At this point, I usually turn it over to the Devs to use as they please. But lately, I can't see load, even if the Devs say they are generating authenticated traffic, or if the site is a live Prod site on a cluster which should have plenty of traffic.



This is a constant issue when I install these agents so I'm thinking there is a gap in knowledge somewhere, or an extra step I'm missing. I believe it does this when there are no available licenses, but we have plenty of unused licenses.


Any advice on how to troubleshoot this? Is there some obvious step I'm missing? What I'm expecting to see is something like this:





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"no load detected" with .NET agent - controller v4.2