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Windows Service Configuration


Hello all,

I want to monitor two windows services, updated the config file which is shown as docs. When I restart the coordinator service and my windows services, I can see one of my service in Tiers&Nodes part of controller but I can not see my second service. What do you think about this situation?


<standalone-application executable="AsisBelediyeOrtakService.exe">
<tier name="AsisBelediyeOrtakService Tier" />
<standalone-application executable="RatingProService.exe">
<tier name="RatingProService Tier" />


AppDynamics Team

Hi  Mehmet,


For the second service for which you notice the application Tier/Node did not register. Kindly verify the below steps and confirm us the details - 

> What is the .Net Framework you have you used to build the application?

> Kindly run the following command as suggested in below document and provide us the output for the review.tasklist /m "mscor*"

> Also kindly confirm what is the lifetime of the process ( means how long single process remains alive ) of the windows service for which you are facing the issue.


As per the process .Net agent collects all the data metrics in every 60 sec and sends all the collected metrics details to the controller to display in the UI. It is a default behaviour and we can't modify it. Due to this Agent requires the application process to run for at least more than 1 min and execute the business transaction at least 2 times in the lifetime of the process to instrument the application.


Let us know if you have any question.




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Hello Ashish,

I really appreciate your help. When I wrote the config file for second time, it started to run but nothing was changed. It' s really interesting :)  So, I have no problem for now.


Thank you very much,

Best Regards.


Mehmet AKIN