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How to create custom metrics in AppDynamics by powershell script?



The issue is to create custom metric in metrics browser which allows to monitor AWS healthcheck but the most important thing is to create this custom metric by powershell script?


Thank you in advance.


Also, information about creating and updating custom metrics in AppDynamics by Powershell will be helpful.


AppDynamics Team (Retired)



  Are you Java Machine Agent or .Net Extension Manager to reoport Custom Metric ?

In case of Java Machine Agent using

Then we just to make sure the output to std out is in format

name=<metric name>,value=<long value>,aggregator=<aggregator type>, time-rollup=<time-rollup strategy>, cluster-rollup=<cluster-rollup strategy>

 you can just use PowerShell's write-host to send it to std out


In case you are using .Net Extension Manager you can use following extension

write-host "metric1 | instance1 , value = $Value";

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