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Deploying AppDynamics for Azure

Deploying AppDynamics for Azure

Hi Team,

I'm new to AppDynamics and planning to instrument AppDynamics with Azure App service (PaaS). But, I couldn't find any documentation related to Azure PaaS instrumentation. I found a link in AppDynamics documentation  but it redirects to the same page


Can you please share me the right link which talks about step by step how to instrument Azure Paas Service with AppDynamics.

Deploying AppDynamics for Azure

Re: Deploying AppDynamics for Azure



If your application is .NET-based, you can install AppDynamics agent using ARM template, NuGet package or using Extensions blade in Azure portal. The process is described here:

If your app is Java-based, see this page:


Otherwise, you might want to use a corresponding language SDK to instrument your app.