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Can't login with SAML

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Can't login with SAML



I have created a Trial Version and Here are the details




I am selecting  Use Local Login and I am giving the Username Password provided in the enabled SAML signature and it is giving - "Login Failed" .


Please guide me on what  needs to be done





^ Edited by @Ryan.Paredez to redact Controller URL. Please do not share your Controller URL on Community posts for security and privacy reasons.

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Can't login with SAML
AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Re: Can't login with SAML

Hi @test.test


Thank you for posting your question on the AppDynamics Community.


A SAML authentication failure occurs mainly due to one or several of the following reasons:


  • The credential you pass in the SAML Assertion is incorrect
  • Invalid SAML Assertion
  • SAML Assertion has expired
  • The account trying to access Controller is not associated with the subscription in AppDynamics system

Please make sure that the email address you are using is the right one and let us know if you are able to access the Controller.


Feel free to update the thread if you still having the issue.

Radhika P

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