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IMP877 - Monitoring as Code

Instructor-led Training
3 Topics
2 Labs
Course duration: 3.5 hours

Learn how to automate the process of deploying agents into your application landscape.

Also learn how to automate the administration of key Controller configuration settings, so that they can be backed-up at one point in time, to be later applied to a Controller (potentially in a different system environment).

This course is available for Premium University users. To view and register for this, check out AppDynamics University and search for the code IMP877.


What you’ll learn

You will learn how monitoring as code fits into the CI/CD approach and dig into the key aspects of Agent installation and configuration that need automating. You’ll learn about the rich set of APIs supported by the Controller that expose its configuration values and what the options are for exporting and importing the Controller config values. You’ll have the opportunity to practice the automation of Agent installation and configuration and injecting config values into the Controller in lab exercises.


Who is this course for?

This course is designed for system administrators, or anyone responsible for implementing the automated management of AppDynamics monitoring configuration parameters as part of the organization’s deployment strategy.



Required: Knowledge of App and Machine Agent installation is required, which is covered in IMP862 - Installing Agents, or IMP860 On-Premises Installation Workshop courses, available from AppDynamics Education as Instructor-led training.



Topic 1 - Introduction Monitoring with Code

Topic 2 - Automating Agent Deployment

Topic 3 - Interfacing with AppDynamics APIs