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Why do timeout errors occur during on-prem 4.3.x Controller installation?

Note: All SAAS customers are required to be on 4.4.1+ for GDPR compliance. 



Timeout error while installing Controller v4.3.x on-premises.



If you encounter this issue, try increasing the timeout period. Pass a custom timeout value as a command-line argument to the installer in the following format:



The ad-timeout-in-min value sets the timeout for both starting and stopping the Controller processes.

If you are performing a silent install with the response file, add the ad-timeout-in-min parameter to the installation response file with values for the new timeout periods.



Timeout errors typically occur when the startup time exceeds the default startup timeout period. While installing the Controller, the installer attempts to start up the Controller application server and database. At first database startup, the installer attempts to create the database schema, tables, and other artifacts needed by the Controller.

By default, the installer waits 45 minutes for the app server or database to start. When installing a medium or large profile Controller or into certain types of environments such as virtual machines, the time it takes to start up the system can exceed the default startup timeout period. In this event, the installer aborts the installation and presents an error message indicating that the Controller could not be started in the allotted timeout window.


Note: Controllers v4.4.x and higher that are installed with Enterprise Console do not experience this error. The Enterprise Console has a longer default timeout period of 2 hours. The timeout parameter is therefore no longer valid since the Controller is installed through the Enterprise Console starting v4.4.x.  

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