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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

How can I avoid extension errors due to unconfigured (or incorrectly configured) health check parameters?


The Java SDK for AppDynamics Extensions runs a few checks to validate the Application and Machine Agent configuration. However, there are few errors (like too many open files, high cpu usage, or huge agent log file sizes) that could arise if correct configurations for these health check parameters are not provided in the extension’s config. 


Following are some exceptions related to health checks which are reported in Machine Agent logs.

Exception when running




Therefore, we recommend keeping the "enableHealthChecks" flag disabled from the config.yml file. Disabling health checks will not obligate metrics collecting and reporting by the extension.


To disable health checks, you can configure the flag below and set it to “false” in the config file:

enableHealthChecks: false


If the enableHealthChecks flag is not configured by default in the extension's config, then add the flag at root level, in a new line without any spaces.

Find more details on extensions health checks in the What extension Health Checks are useful for debugging? Knowledge Base article.

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