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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

How do I troubleshoot when I can’t access the Enterprise Console user interface?

This article outlines the initial troubleshooting steps to take when you can’t access your Enterprise Console's user interface. 


Table of Contents


Troubleshooting steps when you can't access the Enterprise Console UI

The following are the troubleshooting steps AppDynamics Support Engineers start with, but customers can certainly self-test using the same process.


  1. Explore the below files for errors:

  2. Were any changes to the EC configuration file made recently?


  3. Was the EC installed with HTTPS enabled? If so, try accessing the EC using https instead of http on port 9191.

  4. On the EC host, verify whether the EC is running.
    ps -ef | grep mysql
    ps -ef | grep java
    netstat -anp | grep 9191​


  5. Skip this step if the server in question is not in AWS:
    If your Enterprise Console host is running on an EC2 instance in AWS, and the public hostname changed as a result of reboot, then validate from either AWS console
    or AWS CLI. This could be the case if the EIP was not attached on the EC2 instance.

  6. What is the result after executing the below commands?
    curl -v http://<ec_host>:9191/service/version
    curl -v https://<ec_host>:9191/service/version 
    cat /etc/hosts
    ping -c1 $(hostname)​


If I don’t uncover the cause with this trouble-shooting, what are the next steps?

If you complete the preceding steps and the results were all positive, with no issues observed, then the network that connects your workstation and the Enterprise Console needs an in-house inspection from your network or Unix team.


It will help continued troubleshooting if you capture some additional detail by executing the following commands to stop and then start the EC using bash -x.

<platform-admin>/bin/ stop-platform-admin
bash -x <platform-admin>/bin/ start-platform-admin


Points to note:

  • The list of steps mentioned in this article are starting points for AppD Support Engineers and Customers in order to troubleshoot this issue.

  • The majority of the time, such issues are not understood to be critical in nature: hence, should you seek assistance from AppD Support, the recommended ticket priority would be low or normal.


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