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AppDynamics Team

Some Windows users see the following error message in the Analytics Agent log:


[2017-08-08T15:12:42,295+02:00]  [INFO ]  [log-sources-thread-0]  [c.a.a.a.source.tail.DirectoryPoller]  Skipping file [l:\com\cegid\99980700-preprod-retail-ondemand\webapp_12.1.log] because it doesn't match the file mask pattern.


The cause of this issue is often due to a user copying the Windows path from the command prompt into the log analytic job file as a value for the source file.


The file path from the Windows command prompt looks like this: 




But the log analytics accepts the file path to be written as: 




The command prompt path does not work and causes the error.


The solution to this issue is to enter the path and the "nameGlob" value like so:


  type: file
  path: L:/com/cegid
  nameGlob: **/WebApp.log
  startAtEnd: false


Then restart the analytics agent.

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