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opentracer integration

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opentracer integration



Does anyone have integration experience with opentarcer?


I wrote a simple java "Hello" program which uses opentracing API to log tags and span values. This program integrates with Appdynamics opentarcer version and java agent-API version


From the agent log, I see no errors and the agent seems to recognize the opentracing API and log the tags and span back to the Controller.


However, from the Controller UI, I don't see any of the tag and span values being displayed.

On the controller UI, I do see my node is displayed with a green icon in the health status and had a 3^5 in the "app agent status" column under the "Tiers and Nodes" menu.


in the agent log, I did see the span "say-hello" has been translated into transaction[say-hello] successfully.

unfortunately, I can not find the span "say-hello" being displayed in the Controller UI.


Span span = tracer.buildSpan("say-hello").start();

[main] 05 Apr 2020 10:26:33,256 DEBUG BusinessTransactionRegistry - bt from controller converted:Business Transaction [say-hello[43484]] Entry Point Type [POJO] Component ID [29907] for say-hello POJO


any help would be appreciated.

I am using the 16-day trial version and using the Cloud version of the Controller for my account.


Best Regards,

Lap Luu

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opentracer integration