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Java (Java Agent, Installation, JVM, and Controller Installation)

configuring an information point in java


configuring an information point in java

I am trying to create an Information point that calculates a total (sum) of a product and it's net price.


I have a simple java webapp in which the java file contains the SQL insert command.  This is found in a class called ProductData


The method called saveProduct accepts an argument object. The object is the product.


Setting up the information point and testing the information is a bit confusing and not working.


In my evaluation, I've been told this is an critical issue to capture aggregate information.  I can't continue evaluating AppDynamics until this issue is resolved.


Hopefully, this is a simple issue to resolve.



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configuring an information point in java
AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi mikepoplawski,


Could you please share little more details on the acutal Information Point configuration you have done?

In the Add Information Point configuration prompt, after you enter your class/method (and any other match conditions) for the method signature, at the bottom would be a section called "Define Custom Metrics using the Method Parameters or Return Value". There you click Add, and define the custom metric you want to collect by specifying the parameter index of your "product" parameter/object, and then specify the Getter Chain which will return the product price. For the Data Rollup, you would select SUM if you want the running total of the product prices that are being saved. If you also want Average of the prices being saved, you can create/add another custom metric on the same parameter and getter chain, but select AVERAGE this time.


If you want more slicing and dicing of the data from individual transaction calls than just the SUM and AVERAGE within the time intervals, that would be an Analytics/Business IQ use case. Information Points can provide simple SUM or AVERAGE calculation on a numeric value being processed by the method, along with the code metrics for that method in question. 





I have same requirement and need to use instead of a metric value. Is there any possibility?