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To Monitor Apache Camel 2.17.2 transactions which uses Netty 4 and uses SPRING DSL for development.

Hi All, We have 3 Components or service, which are having their own API's and these are Camel (Spring DSL )as well as Java based code.When we are hitting any api, we wanted to see or trace each transactions recorded in appdynamics under business tran...

Resolved! Permanently Adding MULTIPLE MBeans for Monitoring in a Single Configuration

Hello,   Is it possible to configure multiple MBeans to be added for permanent monitoring?   For example, if my JVM uses 7 different datasources, I'd like to monitor, let's say, the AvailableCount attribute of each of those 7 MBeans. Do I have to go ...

Java agent on Tomcat is reporting a lot of "Agent Internal: com.singularity.ReflectionError"

Hi, I'm running Appdynamics since a while on a Tomcat server (very basic setup) and I'm seing a lot of thos Exceptions: "Agent Internal: com.singularity.ReflectionError" - around 400/min. I searched the community site as well as on Google but I found...