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Stopping the Agents


Stopping the Agents

Hello Everyone,


I am having trouble stopping the agents(Java & machine agent), not sure how that is done. I know you can disable them in the Appdynamics UI but that does not stop there process on the machine.

The only way I can think of stopping them so far is to kill there individual processes through the CMD, is this my only option?


Thanks for your help!

Stopping the Agents

Re: Stopping the Agents

Java agent is injected using your JVM, so you will have to stop your JVM, remove the arguments for AppD from your JVM and then start it again - this will ensure that JAVA agent is not started next time you start you jvm.


For machine agent, if it is not setup as a service, you can simply kill the pid for machine agent.




Re: Stopping the Agents

Thank you!