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REST API - Retrieve URL(s) from Business Transaction Servlets?


Is it possible via the REST API to retrieve URL(s) from Business Transaction servlets? I need to extract the top ten URLs by load from a specific combination of application and tier. This is straightforward enough if the transactions have been automatically detected because the name and internalName parameters contain the URI, but if the name and internalName have been changed to a more human-friendly format, can the original URL be extracted via the REST API? Also, can the metrics for each individual URL be retrieved?


In a similar way, can the individual URLs in a Business Transaction group be retrieved via the REST API, along with their associated metrics?


Thanks & Regards,


-Simon Price

AppD SaaS


AppDynamics Team

Hi simon,


There is no such api available. 

Please refer to the below docs containing appdynamics APIs




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Answering my own question:


Retrieve transactions via:



Retrieve metrics via:

GET /controller/rest/applications/<application_name>/metric-data?


Retrive URIs via:

GET /controller/transactiondetection/<application_name>/<tier_name>/custom/servlet

If a servlet transactoin isn't listed here, it hasn't been customised and therefore uses the standard convention where the name is set to the URI