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Missing request


Missing request

Hello Team,


We have an application configured in AppDynamic, wherein, we are not able to discover/capture XML request. While troubleshooting, have enabled entry point at the node level and captured few of the class/methods pertaining to application.Since, those class/methods which was captured in log files are not relating to XML request.


Question here is, in log file, if we don't get the class/method information which are of XML then, how it is possible to encapsulate into monitoring? Any suggestions.

Missing request
AppDynamics Team

Re: Missing request

What do log files have to do with the capture request at the class/method level? It seems as if you are mixing two different concepts.


In general when you instrument an entry point you are instrumenting where the process starts. The fact the entry point may use XML to transfer data is just adding noise to the question.


Are you passing an XML payload that some method parses to detemine what action to take? Is the question how do you see that method or entry point?