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HTTP parameters from an exit call


Hi team

We have detecting some HTTP exit calls under Data Collectors, with name, for example "Exit HTTP1" and value:


We would need to capture those HTTP parameters, but separately (documentId, authorizationId, type) to be able to filter by them on transaction sanpshots list.

How to proceed to capture those parameters, included on an HTTP exit call?

Thanks in advance


AppDynamics Team

Hi ,


If we use the Http data collector All (*), the Appdynamics should be able to capture all the parameters (GET/POST) in transaction snapshots->call graph->http params section as shown in the screenshot. If you are not able to see the same please send us the complete agent logs from the location <agent-install-directory>/logs to further debug the issue.

Please refer to the attached screenshot.





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Thanks Atyuha,


We have already configured  an HTTP paramter with name "All" and with value "*" (please check attached image).

However the data collector always displays the HTTP exit calls as an "ExIt HTTP data collector, including as value the complete URL

And this is being classified under Business Data type (please find attached an example)


This is an class&method execution that always implies an HTTP exit call to another service in another application.

So this is the process:


Class.- classname

Method.- methodname


And that execution generates a call to another application:

Exit Calls: HTTP



Could it be possible to identify and split those 3 parameters and display them as Data Collectors information?

Then we would be able to filter by each of them.

Because those parameters are not being captures using the All (*)