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Controller Database Backup & Restore


Controller Database Backup & Restore


I am looking for any comments based on real-world experience from the Appdynamics community on backup and restore of the Controller database. Our Controller is on a Linux platform and we use Commvault in our environment. Does anyone have any experience using Commvault to take hot backups of the Appdynamics Controller database please? (We are aware of the Apppdynamics recommendations and location of documentation referring to backups/restores). Any advice based on experience greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Niki

Controller Database Backup & Restore

Re: Controller Database Backup & Restore


IMO,if the tool Commvault is able to backup sql data in binary ,then you can use it.


I understand you have already gone through our docs and recommendations on the same.




Mohammed Rayan

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Re: Controller Database Backup & Restore

I have not come across a case where hot backup was successfully taken using Commvault. Commvault was intermittently losing connections to mysql.
"Lost connection to MySQL server during query when dumping table 'xxx "