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Citrix VAD configuration


Is the software compatible with large Citrix VAD environments, MCS provisioned Windows Servers, 1 Image (Frontend Servers)? For example 9000 concurrent users and 9000 Java processes? 
How do you use environment variables in the config files? of the java agent, of the analytics agent ?
Setting environment variables as APPDYNAMICS_AGENT_UNIQUE_HOST_ID via GPO is not possible since the hostname is changing for each machine. Machines can be dynamically removed and new ones added. If I add the COMPUTERNAME  systemvariable to the APPDYNAMICS_AGENT_UNIQUE_HOST_ID  the service won't be able to see it after reboot, because it is not visible to the process, due to windows changing the variable while the service is running. It can be a timing issue. Restarting the service is no usefull workaround.
I need the configs to use environment variables. No configuration is done per Server. All needs to be done globally.

Setting APPDYNAMICS_AGENT_BASE_DIR, ad.dw.log.path for log paths needs to be dynamic
Setting those globally but with dynamic values

Using scripts to modify startups is no usefull way. Javawebstart is used for the application, so JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS is set, since this is the only working way to start the java agent with JNLP.
Instrumenting Java Web Start Applications - AppDynamics Community
Note: javaws doens't know the -J-javaagent parameter (tested with Oracle Java and OpenWebstart)

Note: A service can only access UNC paths Services and Redirected Drives - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn



 For the machine agent I have found this MachineAgentService.vmoptions which can use those settings

The analytics Agent has also a analytics-agent.vmoptions but settings like or ad.dw.log.path cannont be passed.

Community Manager

Hi @Andrej.Wolkow,

I see you created a Support ticket. Can you please share the learnings and outcomes once the ticket has been completed. 

Ryan, AppDynamics Community Manager

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