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Apache Kafka as backend Appdynamics 4.3x

Ajay Mishra



I am trying to instrument a java application Jboss/Wildfly, this application talks to Kafka backend... Although the wildfly shows up in Appdynamics dashboard, I am not able to see Kafka backend and I don't see any flow map.  Nothing shows up in Remote services even though backend detection is automatically enabled.  


I followed the steps on Remote Services article and Apache backend but somehow I don't see any backends being discovered. Is there a way I can troubleshoot this?


I keep seeing this messages:

agent.2018_07_14__17_42_43.0.log:[AD Thread-Metric Reporter0] 14 Jul 2018 17:45:24,179 WARN DefaultJMXAttributeMetricReporter - Attribute not found for [fetch-latency-max] using mBeanName [ kafka.consumer:type=consumer-fetch-manager-metrics,client-id=consumer-2,topic=UpdateServiceHostsRequest ], in server [ ]




New Poster



Did you get any solution? I am also trying same, instead of plain Producer, I am using streaming but same issues. No backend detection.

Kafka is only detected as a back-end with in-built agent configuration for its publish/subscribe mode (and that support was introduced in v4.4, so agent versions prior to that will not detect it without custom configuration)


To detect its streaming mode, or to detect it in agent versions older than 4.4, you would need to create a custom exit point detection rule to match the API your application code is using.

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I am using java agent version - 4.4.3 (SUBVERSION=22593). I was testing automatic detection of kafka calls against demo application provided as on kafka streams quick-start page. Here is the source code for spring boot kafka stream sample application. When I run with an agent, node is showing on AppDyanamics dashboard but no automatic kafka call detection.


To run attached source code - 

Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 as per stream quickstart page. Once you are done with creating topics. Run following commands to start the application.


//I asssume kakfa server is running on localhost:9092.
//In case it doesn't please change broker url in file

//on root of source code directory
>mvn clean install
//After build is successful, to start application >java -jar target\streams-wordcount-example-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar


Now post some data to input topic - Step 5: Process some data