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Another Custom Metrics Posts have no value


I have a powershell job wring std out.   Its driving me nuts now as I'm seeing the metrics i'm adding, but not the values.  The custom metrics tree shows up in the machine agent (4.5) but doesn't have a value ever.  The tree will change if i change the std out on the metric.  (Change the letter or add a "1" to the end of a metric or something).


What do i need to do to get a value to show up?



name=Custom Metrics|Testa|Testb,value=62,aggregator=OBSERVATION,time-rollup=AVERAGE,cluster-rollup=INDIVIDUAL 

 I SEE TestA\TESTb, but no value.

name=Custom Metrics|Test1|Test2,value=63 

 I SEE TEST1\Test2, but no value


name = Custom Metrics|TestZ,value=33

I see TextZ but no value 

Another Custom Metrics Posts have no value