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Addition to our packages

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We are often hitting a bytecode limit in AppDynamics. There are examples of this in the production logs (officially undocumented that this is an issue):


[TimeseriesDispatcher] Method excluded because Cannot instrument class com/..../oet/server/services/instrument/history/TimeseriesServiceImpl$TimeseriesUpdater for interceptor class because maximum 50 transformations exceeded for package prefix com....


So what should be done to avoid this limit


kindly help me in this


Thanks Regards


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @mandar.kadam


Sorry to hear that you are experiencing bytecode issue on the AppDynamics Controller. To dig into the issue, would you mind sharing some insights, such as the version of Controller you are using, type of deployment (upgrade or fresh install), version of the Agents, and any other info which is not confidential.




Hi Radhika,


thanks for your reply,


controller version -, build

Agent version -

FYI, Its not a fresh install

And as per my knowledege 

to avoid those limit we can add below mentioned agent property :




The above mentioned property lets the bytecode instrumentation engine detect more remote services or service endpoints automatically.


Is my finding correct???




Mandar Kadam

Hi Radhika,


Have you got any solution as its long time pending.





Hi have the same issue and I have setted the parameter "-Dappdynamics.bciengine.limit.package.qualifiers=7"

but the issue persist.


The package qualifiers limit increase should resolve the issue.


We will need agent logs to investiagte why this has not happened in your case; the best way to share these would be via a support ticket.


Warm regards,


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