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99% on overall Application performance

99% on overall Application performance

Hi ,


I am trying to get a 99% response time on "over all Application performance" (metric browser). At this time i can see only the avg response time etc.

I have configured by BT's and i do get a 99% on each of the BTs .. But i would also like to have a holestic view of how my site is performing @ 99%



I have tried some options .. 

the only other way that i could do that is not configure BT's and let App-D collect details on ONE top level Route of the web application ( but that's not an option that i would like to go for )



Instead of configuring ....




If i configure .. mysite/base/ , and then i get a 99% of response time . 




99% on overall Application performance

Re: 99% on overall Application performance



The only way you could get a 99th %ile response time aggregtaed across all BTs today would be by using our transaction analytics product.


%ille etrics are collected at busness transaxciton level and it is not matematically possible for us to roll them up to the overall application level.


Warm regards,

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