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No database metric after upgrade from to

No database metric after upgrade from to

We did an upgrade of our controller and agents yesterday, and now I don't see any database metrics anymore.

What we did:

  • Update controller from to
  • Updated / changed machine agents from standalone to Docker
  • Updated DbAgent from to
    (a dockerized MachineAgent is also running on the same host)

Also the DbAgent is starting / running just fine without any errors in the log I do not get any metrics in the controller - the error I get in the controllers log:


[#|2017-08-11T12:24:45.060+0200|WARNING|glassfish 4.1|com.appdynamics.AGENT.METRICS_UPLOAD|_ThreadID=208;_ThreadName=__ejb-thread-pool7;_TimeMillis=1502447085060;_LevelValue=900;|ID000109 Metric Receiver Bean failed to publish metrics Metric (121444 with application 3) belongs to different application than the node [(nodeId:79) AgentType: DB_COLLECTOR, App:1] while app[1] doing the uploading from M

achine [ Name: bb9e3dba574f, ID : 79 ]


Anyone out there who has info or a hint what could cause the error?


Thank you


No database metric after upgrade from to