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Need to monitor single schema of a dB instance

We are now monitoring MS SQL database instances that have numerous schema, however our requirement is to simply monitor the performance of a single schema.

I submitted a request at the help site for that, and I got the below response.

Problem statement
Wanted to monitor only dB instead of complete MSSQL dB server
Next steps: 
By default, agent will monitor all dBs in the MySQL server instance.

The option available to restrict not to monitor certain databases are available. For this you need to exclude unwanted databases using "Exclude Databases" option in collector configuration. Refer: and look for "Exclude Databases" option.

However, omitting the database is not a solution because doing so will make it harder to monitor the remaining databases.

Please give us your suggestions so we can solve this problem more quickly.


Best Regards
Ranjit Kumar Kar

Community Manager

Hi @Ranjith.Kumarkar,

Did you tell the Support Agent that? Did they say anything about what you said?


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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