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Microsoft Dynamics 365 monitoring

New Member

I've started a new role at a company and we are about to upgrare our on prem AX infrastructure to D365. We're at the UAT phase and noticed significant performance degradation when connecting. Users are on a mixture of thinclients and laptops. We need to pinpoint where the performance issue lies and are therefore looking for a monitoring tool. As such, I'm looking for real user case experience to avoid pitfalls...

1. Is anyone using this monitoring tool for insight into D365?
2. Will it monitor end to end transactions and pinpoint where performance issues like?
3. How "easy" is it to set up? Is it mostly autodiscovery of devices/components and topology maps; will it require a lot of tweaking, etc?

I'd just really like to cut through sales pitches and make sure we're plugging efforts down the right path.

Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences,


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Andylee,

there are some solutions for 365 I believe we can provide.
But to make sure this is the case in your specific use case, I'm afraid you need to extend the "sales" cut and let someone from our side (a systems engineer) have a look at it.

To your questions:
1.) I believe so, more info you would get in an official process in checking your environment
2.) If we're able to monitor, it's a clear yes
3.) Should be relatively straight forward

If you're interested further, you should contact us on the official channels.




I am curious to know, if AppD was adopted to monitor Dynamics365 as i too have a customer, but says they are comfortable with tools they have not knowing what more will they gain with AppD.


Thank you in advance