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How to Create Health Rule for Custom Monitor

How to Create Health Rule for Custom Monitor

Hello Experts,


We have created a custom script to monitor the ports of different servers and the script will be executed from a single server.


We are passing the below path in script:

name=Custom Metrics|CustomLogMonitor|Port Monitor|$ServerName|$PortNumber|Status,value=$StatusValue


Metrics were created in the AppD controller as we expected. The path looks like below:

xxxyyy(Server name where the script is running)

Custom Metrics

Custom LogMonitor

Port Monitor

abcd123(Monitoring server)


2(status: if 2 is open or 1 is close)


We need to create a Health Rule to trigger the alert when the port is not opened. But the event triggered for xxxyyy server but actually this is NOT the server the port 443 is closed. The actual server name should be abcd123.


How we can define the Health Rule, to trigger the event for abcd123 instead of xxxyyy. Kindly share your ideas.



Selvaganesh E

How to Create Health Rule for Custom Monitor