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Custom Metric Design (XML)

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Custom Metric Design (XML)



I'm looking for some recommendations on design and implementation for a custom HTTP data collection of an XML data source.


Data access is simple-


The data is all formatted XML headers and metrics. Several hundred metrics...


Any suggestions for collections? This data would be every minute from several dozen systems. Then your dashboards could add these application metrics to our existing agent collections for Server OS, Database and Java etc.


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Custom Metric Design (XML)
AppDynamics Team

Re: Custom Metric Design (XML)



Sorry that your requirement was not very clear for us to address your problem. Based on what we understood that you would like to collect XML based payload information.


If that is right, then you could find the right API call in your code and define method invocation data collector to fetch those needed details


Also please refer for splitting XML using Xpath for BT detection


Please let us know if you are looking for anything different from what we wrote.