End User Monitoring (EUM)

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eum-processor not loading configured applications


I had have working EUM server and everything worked ok till today when I restarted eum server and right now I cannot get it working. User experince data is completely empty. I found following in the eum-processor log: 


18 Mar 2019 21:06:07.934 +0100 App Config Cache-1 AD.EUMAppConfigTimerTask WARN Failed to load 4 out of 4 app configurations: [EUM-AAB-AUA, EUM-AAB-AUB, EUM-AAB-AUC, EUM-AAB


Why is it failing to load all configured applications?


Detailed log from eum-processor. [We have redacted the log information below t ensure no sensitive information is shared publicly@Nina.Wolinsky ]


Thanks in advance.


eum-processor not loading configured applications