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How to manage EUM license

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Can we enable EUM for specific applications with same key ? As I have to deploy same application different env but i dont want to allow EUM from all the different envs ? Is it possible to have env name in it filter usage based on application env ?


AppDynamics Team (Retired)



The EUM AppKey is how we know where to route data so its not ideal to use the same AppKey for applications you want monitor separately.  You could use custom user data for this and filter data in Analytics. Usually customers with this use case have multiple EUM AppKeys and apply some rules, for instance domain of the page, to determine which AppKey to use at load time.  This requires adding some custom JavaScript to your page.


Hope this helps. 

Thanks, yes we are also using separate key based on different application but i was thinking is it possible to use same key and the filter based on application inside EUM dashboard?

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

@Sharad.Garg - 


You could add the user data to do this as suggested earlier. It is recommended that you experiment with this first before going all in on it. 


If you do experiment, please share how it goes? As others may have similar use case or need. 


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