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End User Monitoring (EUM)

Generate an alert depends on the Data Collector response


Generate an alert depends on the Data Collector response



I am using data collectors to collect specific response data from a method . Now I am looking to generate an alert based on the result . Is that possible.


e.g : Data collector method returns : Totalrecoverable= 31 ; I am looking to setup an alert if the return value is more than 10.





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Generate an alert depends on the Data Collector response
AppDynamics Team

Hi Teja,


To configure a Health Rule, you must specify a metric to compare. The Method Invocation Data Collector (MIDC) you defined adds the observation to snapshots, but does not produce a metric you can use in a Health Rule.


To produce a metric, you need to configure an Information Point. The Information Point configuration is very similar to the MIDC.

Information Point metrics are automatically baselined, and can be used in Health Rules, Dashboards and Reports.



Brian Wheeldon



Brian Wheeldon, Solution Engineer, NYC

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Thank you Brain. Its working. Thank you much.


Creation of information points for the same class and method which i used in data collector wont impact any MIDC metrics, right?






Am looking to pass data collector information to an action. How can I do that.


Ex: A pojo transaction is violating the health rule and I need to pass on the data of this business transaction to a response (Either to a script or a http service)