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Alert configuration based on Volume

Hey, We are using AppD in premises with controller v4.2.0.2 And in our environment we get varying traffic and we want to set the alert based on the percentage of volume (calls per minute). As in if Error > 10% of calls per minute then send me the alert. Hardcoding to a specific value is not in scene because sometimes our traffic goes to millions calls per minutes to sometimes few hundreds calls per minute. So right now what we are using is if Error > 100 (an example) --> Send alert This creates a lot of spurious alert mails which are not relevant at the peak traffic time as such amoumt of errors are expected. Please help me with this. Thanks in advance, Shashwat

AppDynamics Team
Hi Shashwat, Have you tried using the mathematical expression builder to achieve this? You can take a look at a similar request in the below kb article that talks about how to create alert based on % & hard limit Also refer our below doc link about the expression builder Let us know if it helps Regards, Mohammed Rayan

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Thanks a lot Rayan that worked for me.