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Clojure Support - Using Ring

Clojure Support - Using Ring

I am using Clojure with Clojure-Ring as a the web framework and trying to use AppDynamics.  I also have a Kotlin database with Spring-Boot, which gets auto-discovered successfully with all the 'business transactions'.  


The Clojure service gets connected to the controller but there are never any 'business transactions' and there are no errors in the logs as well.


Also, I have to manualy add the 'remote service' for the clojure services to the 'tier' for them to be assigned, instead of being automatically seen as discovered.


Any help is appreciated.  I am using the 4.5.5 version of the java agent in both cases as a command line argument with something like "-javaagent:/<path-to-agent>/javaagent.jar".


Thank you.

Clojure Support - Using Ring