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Adding AppDynamics to a nodeJS PCF buildpack


Adding AppDynamics to a nodeJS PCF buildpack



I have an offline PCF buildpack for Node.js and want to add the AppD agent to this buildpack. I have the node.js (8.x) in an internal repository that I have added as dependedncy on the buildpacks manifest.yml file. Currently tyhis buildpack requires the application to vend all the dependencies during the build so that all the required dependent modules are packaged with the application. However, I want the node.js AppD agent to be part of the buildpack.


Could you please advise how to do this?




Adding AppDynamics to a nodeJS PCF buildpack
AppDynamics Team

Re: Adding AppDynamics to a nodeJS PCF buildpack

Hi J,


Vendoring AppD would be a little problematic, as our binary dependencies would match the system on which you vendor them. For example, if you were to vendor on a Windows or macOS development machine, and then deploy to Linux, that would not work.


Usually it works best to put the appdynamics package in your package.json, and not vendor it. We're of course happy to work through any concerns you have.




Kyle Furlong, Technical Lead (C++ and Dynamic Languages)

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