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how to add an "average line" in widget



entries average.JPG

i am receiving values for above scr from an analytics configuration. values coming from a file. i would like to add an average line to this widget, but cant find any hint how to do.   any experienced users out there ?   thanks.


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @Helmut.Mayer


Thank you for posting your query on the AppDynamics Community.


If this is an analytics widget, note that AppDynamics doesn’t baseline analytics data. Therefore, the available options are:


  1. change the query to include average (besides maximum)
  2. create a metric based on this query; the metric will then have its own baseline that can be added to the chart.


AppDynamics will baseline all the metrics we collect, so if you are creating a metric widget, check the ‘Include Baseline Data’ option to plot the baseline in the chart.


Hope it helps. Let us know how it goes.