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Weekly report by day for events on an application


I have been asked to create a report (could be a dashboard) which displays a sum of all the Events which have been created per day for the past week for an application. The idea is that we will be able to over time see a reduction in events as we improve our website. 


We will probably want to do this for errors as well. 


I can't see anywhere in app dynamics where I can create an events metric or a search on events. 


Is there any way to do this?



Also - just to clarify - by Events I am really talking about health rule violations. Also - we are using

Have you tried a custom dashboard with the events and then try to do the reporting based on it?

We have tried a report which just lists the incidents, but if the incidents are in sufficient number to be scrollable, then the report doesn't scroll, which is a bit of a pain.


But also, we are not really interested in listing the incidents.


We want to display metrics of incidents. We want to compare this weeks incidents with last weeks.


For a tool that is designed to track incidents, you think it would be a bit more sophisticated at analysing them. But it seems much more concerned about what is happening now, rather than comparing now to yesterday, last week, last month, last year.

Do you have any time for 11th feb over webex?