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Alert configuration for low volume of calls


Hi Team,


Could you please help me with the below requirement? (I am new to appdynamics)


I have to configure health rule for a Business Transaction when the volume (calls per minute) is less than the baseline.


I have configured  based on baseline.  But, alert is not being triggered even when there is a low volume of or call volume is below baseline.  Please find the attached screenshot of health rule configured and the chart showing the volume of calls (volume of calls is below baseline which should trigger an alert).

Below is the expectation from the customer.


. I would prefer you to advise on an appropriate deviation to be configured to avoid too many false alarms. Ex.: is a deviation of 30% appropriate ? (=30% less call than usual)"


Kindly help me to configure the health rule properly.








AppDynamics Team

Thank you for your post to the community!

I could not see the detail of the data you were using and the health rule configuration but it seems like the shown standard deviation range is too low, i.e., 0 to 2.09E-1 and this indicates that the default baseline was not computed properly and not available yet for health rule condition. This may be due to the values of calls per minute are too low or there is not enough data to create the baseline, and they may have resulted in invalid health rule configuration.

Baselines are not computed for metrics if there are fewer than 20 calls per minute and also it takes some time to collect data and create initial baselines. You can have a look to this documentation to check how baselines are dynamically created.

You can check whether the health rule configuration was evaluated successfully in the Health rule configuration screen. When it was not evaluated, you see the question mark icon with grey background.

When it is successfully evaluated, you should see the green checked icon.

To make sure the health rule is evaluated, you can try setting a specific value or using another baseline, not the default baseline. After that, you can configure the health rule following this documentation to meet your requirement.

As for setting health rule condition for your specific example, using "Baseline percentages" with 30% may be an option. Please see "Baseline Percentages" in the documentation above. Note that it is important to set a proper baseline before using conditions with the baseline percentage. For setting a proper baseline, the "Use Baselines to Identify Trends" section in the same documentation may help you.

Best regards,