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Unable to install on-prem controller

Hi Team, I am trying to install on-prem controller. platform-setup-x64-windows- While doing so I am getting error message "Failed to install database..Check the installation log for details." Can any one please guide me what I am doing wro...

Resolved! Get Metrics via REST

Hi All,   we're working to get metrics from appdynamics as json format.    We are in SaaS controller.   Our script:  curl -s --user 'customer@customer:password' '

Resolved! Integration with SCOM

Hi,   Does AppDynamics have a specific extension or integration for use with SCOM?   I can use SNMP Trap or Powershell for sending data to that system, but my client asks for a specific extension.

Automating scheduled reports

Hi Team,   I'm trying to create a report which will update the application about its Health status (Whether the app is UP or down). I need to automate it and send it as scheduled reports daily to selected teams.   How can I get it done in AppD?   Cou...

Resolved! AppD data to ELK

Hi Team, I've an requirement to send performance data to ELK.   We're trying to forward the AppDynamics alerts/events and Performance metrics data(Response time etc) to Elasticsearch (ELK).   Could someone please advise how can we get it done / any d...

Unable to download Agent installer - PHP

  With regards to the application monitor I'm unable to download the PHP monitor from AppDynamics wizard without receiving an error message.    I've found this alternate URL to download. However unfortunately this did...

Enable/disable agent collection

Hi,   We would like to build an docker image with all required application agent on the image.  Once we run the container, my questions are followings: 1. If agent is running without valid license, will the agent continue collecting data?  2  Can we ...