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Resolved! Getter Chain, Cast from Bool to Int?

I have created an Information Point which basically works so now I also want to create a metric based on the return value.- Only thing is that the return value is a Boolean so how do I cast it to an Integer (with a Getter Chain I suppose)?

Watchdog Error

Hello,When I try to start the watchdog, it does not start and gets the following error. Because the watchdog does not start, db replication does not work either. Sql Thread for relay log not running -replication error 

Failover Automation

Hello everyone,I have not started yet, I wanted to progress with the sharing of ideas from you.I have 4 appdynamics servers 1 es 1ec 2 controller.Every month, I turn off their manual failover in patch passes, respectively.I want to automate it via an...

Resolved! Unable to create users via CI-API

Hello community,I want to create a new user silently on OnPremise-AppDynamics-Controller by using the 'Create Central Identity User API' by using the commandcurl -H "Content-Type: application/vnd.appd.cntrl+json;v=1" -X POST -d '{"email": "mynewuser@...